We are so excited to announce our reopening!
Upon our reopening, we have made some guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety:
1. We are trying to limit the number of people coming in and out, so the best way to receive a tattoo from us is to book an appointment is to email the shop or submit a request through the "BOOK AN APPOINTMENT" tab! If you want to walk in, please call the shop in advance.
2. Unfortunately, we cannot have any friends or guests come in with you during the tattoo session. Our waiting rooms will also be closed; if they come in with you, they will be asked to wait outside. Please come in at your appointment time; you will be asked to wait outside if you arrive early.
3. When you come in, your temperature will be taken with a contactless, digital
thermometer to make sure you do not have symptoms. You will also be asked to use hand sanitizer and will be ushered to the bathroom to wash your hands
4. You must wear a mask at all times. Our staff and artists are trained to follow
specific guidelines as well.
5. Please practice social distancing as much as possible while you are inside the shop.
ALWAYS make sure to wash your hands before touching any surface.

1. Our staff and artists will be provided with medical grade cleaning supplies to
sanitize all surface areas before we open, throughout the day, and when we
2. As we have always done, our equipment such as machines, tattoo stools,
massage tables, artist’s stations, and any surface we use will be cleaned after
each use.
3. We will have masks for staff/artists and hand sanitizer available at each station.
4. Artists will have the option to use face shields while working.
5. To limit close contact within the studio, we will separate each station so that we are practicing social distancing between appointments going on at the same

WHAT WE EXPECT OF YOU (a further breakdown):
1. If you are traveling from out of state, with the exception of New Jersey,
Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Vermont, we need you
to: 1. Receive a covid-19 test within three days from leaving the state you are
coming from. 2. Upon arrival, quarantine in New York for three days. 3. On the
fourth day of quarantine, you must receive another covid-19 test. If both test
results come back negative, we would need proof of testing and your results
when coming into the shop and then we will be able to have you come in for the
appointment. We understand that we are booking the appointment in advance
and so if you are willing to come in from out of state and follow these guidelines,
we urge you to stay safe. If your test results come back and they are not both
negative, we will not be able to have you come in for the session.
2. If you are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, coughing, and/or shortness of breath, please reach out to us to reschedule, or book with us at a later time when you are healthy.
3. If you have been tested and have proof of a clean bill of health (related to covid-19), we welcome you to bring it in to show us.
4. If you do come in and exhibit symptoms of covid-19, we will not proceed with the appointment and you will be asked to leave.
5. All of these guidelines are non-negotiable and a failure to comply will be treated as a cancellation on your part which then voids your non-refundable deposit for the appointment.
We hope everyone stays healthy during this pandemic!
See you soon!